More History:
2012: Carnival Cruise Line was so kind as to donate the cafeteria for food preparation where the kids prepared 800 + meals that we served in the parking lot across the street from the American Airlines Arena
2013: 2013 was a beautiful repeat of 2012!
2014: This was a beautiful year where I discovered in the pursuit of finding a new home for the playhouse that Bella, Harry and Ricky had outgrown!  It now resides in the front yard of Lotus House, an unbelievable haven for Mothers and their Children. In that process of meeting the wonderful team at Lotus House we came up with a plan to combine our efforts this year.  Two weeks before Christmas, on a Sunday evening the Dads and their kids served a hot holiday meal to the 75 Moms and their 110 kids and our kids gave a gift wrapped Christmas present to each and every kid at Lotus House!  It is not often that men, nor children have the opportunity to volunteer in the oasis of Lotus House and the kids of Lotus House loved having playmates for the night!  We look forward to many more opportunities to partner with Lotus House!  (Bella is even working on interning at Lotus House next year!)  This Daddy is so PROUD!